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Account Now Gold Card

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Account Now Classic Card 

Account Now Classic Card

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$1 per Purchase Fee


Get the Account Now Card that Best Fits Your Lifestyle!

No Minimum Balance Required

No Paycheck Cashing Fees

Works just Like a Checking Account

Pump Gas with Any Account Balance

No Hidden Fees

Free Online 'Bill Pay' Service


Your ACCOUNT NOW Prepaid Debit Card is Accepted Worldwide!



  • Never Pay ATM withdrawal fees by using the free 'Cash Back' option at store check-out registers. Classic card holders pay a $1 fee for their purchase only.

  • Never Pay ATM 'Balance Inquiry' fees by using your cell phone or computer to view your account balance.

  • Easily pay all your bills online for free with 'Bill Pay'.

  • Never buy expensive postage stamps or pay money order fees and check cashing fees--ever again.

  • Never pay for customer service with 'Live' agent phone calls.

  • Never pay a fee for using the 'Automated Phone System'.

  • Never pay a fee for loading your card with cash. Third party fee may apply.

  • No required minimum account balance.

  • No overdraft fees - No late fees.

  • No 'Direct Deposit' fees for your employee paycheck or benefits check.

  • Never pay a fee to send money to another Account Now card holder.

  • Never pay a fee to view all of your account activity with free instant update sms texts sent your cell phone.

  • No minimum cash balance required to pump gas.

  • Avoid gas station 'authorization holds' on your account by paying the station attendant inside -- before pumping gas.

Unlike the 'Walmart MoneyCard' and most other prepaid cards that don't allow you to pump gas unless you have, " least $75 on your card"...

No Minimum Balance is Required to Pump Gas with the Account Now Prepaid Debit Card.

It doesn't matter if your Account Now balance is $5 or $5,000 - you can pump gas!

Special Note: To avoid a gas station 'authorization hold' commonly used by gas stations, use your Account Now card with the gas station cashier inside--not at the pump. This will avoid the 'authorization hold' that can tie up other money in your account for up to 5 days.

No Overdraft Charges or Late Fees - EVER!

Never pay a Late Fee or Overdraft Charge to Account Now Prepaid Card.  Your Account Now Card will allow you to use every last penny in your prepaid account, with no minimum balance required.  Since you can't spend what you don't have in your account, you will never pay any overdraft fees.

Stop Paying ATM Fees!

Looking to avoid expensive Automatic Teller Machine fees? Simply use your Account Now VISA card with the 'Cash Back' option commonly available at grocery and retail stores at the cash register during check-out when you swipe your card to pay for your items - There is no charge to you. 7-11 Stores offer free ATM service.

Use Account Now as a Bank Checking Account To Pay Bills or Send Money to Anyone!

You can pay all of your bills and send money to someone from any computer or over the phone - for FREE.

You can use your Account Now prepaid debit card account to pay all of your bills online or over the phone using the fast, easy and convenient 'Bill Pay' service - at no cost to you.

Log into your account online to pay all of your bills including, car payments, local utility bills, credit card bills, and every other bill for FREE online. You'll save even more money using the free 'Bill Pay' online because you'll never need to buy another postage stamp or pay 'money order' fees - ever again!

If you would like, Account Now will send you a confirmation email when your scheduled payment has been sent - at no cost to you. To see a video demo of how this free Bill Pay service works - CLICK HERE (Opens in New Window).

Wondering How Much Money is In Your Account?

You can use your cell phone or any computer to check your balance and card transactions online for free. Your account transaction details are updated within minutes after each transaction - There is no fee.

Get FREE text alerts of all your account balance, deposits and payment transactions sent to your cell phone instantly.

Aside from using direct deposit by your employer and IRS income tax return, you can also add cash to any Account Now prepaid card at 135,000 locations.

Your Prepaid Reloadable Visa will provide most of the same safeguard protections associated with regular credit cards. See the card provider for actual details.

Your Account Now Prepaid Visa card is protected against fraud with Visa's Zero Liability** coverage. This protects you from unauthorized charges made to your prepaid card account in case your card is lost or stolen. **See card provider for actual details.

Students can apply for a prepaid reloadable Account Now prepaid debit card so that while they are away at college, anyone can reload their prepaid card with cash for any amount, and at anytime for food, medicine, clothing, books, bills, going to the movies or just about anything else - anywhere Visa is accepted.

Get your Prepaid VISA Debit Card before you go on vacation, because prepaid cards are always safer to carry than cash.

Prepaid Debit Cards are by far one of the best ways to build or improve your credit score. Each time you use your prepaid card, credit agencies see and record your card transaction as a responsible user. That makes your credit score improve with each purchase.

Referral Code Cash

You will receive ten dollars after you fund your account with at least ten dollars. Another cash bonus of fifteen dollars will then be added to your Gold account, after you have signed up for and used direct deposit of at least five-hundred dollars for two consecutive months.

See the prepaid card provider's fine print at for actual official details either expressed or implied herein by visiting As usual, always read contracts before signing.

Referral code cash only applies to new Account Now card applicants. Not valid for current or previous card holders. MasterCard Prepaid Card or Visa Prepaid Card may be issued.

* Completed application and valid identification as well as full compliance with the US Patriot Act is required for approval. To receive referral credits your friends must use your code at sign up. If you need more information or explanation about the Account Now prepaid card, please go to

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